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Ebook Creation For Illiterate  v.1.0

Ebook Creation For Illiterate – Ghostwriters Goldmine! People are hungry for information, and people are looking to the Internet to feed their hunger.

Game Studio! - Game Creation Software  v.1.4.37

Have you ever wanted to Create your Own Computer Game but don't know Where to Start? Well if you answered Yes, Then Game Studio is for You! Game Studio is an Advanced, Microsoft Windows Game Creation Software that allows you to develop Commercial

HotPDF PDF Creation VCL  v.1.4.2

HotPDF Delphi PDF Creation Library is a VCL component for Delphi and C++ Builder that provides you with the ability to create and edit PDF documents. HotPDF does not use any DLL or other software for manipulating PDF files. HotPDF Library allow you

Latest Creation  v.1.0

Latest Creation: Bukster Chess version 6.

Free Affiliate Website Creation Tool  v.1.0

Free Affiliate Website Creation Tool is a Free Program to create your very own Free Affiliate Website to Sell Dan Loks Marketing and Promotion Programs. This is one of the most lucrative Affiliate Programs on the internet.

TealInfoDB: Creation  v.1.0

TealInfoDB: Creation 1.0 is designed as a useful application which contains descriptions and pros/cons of over a dozen different interpretations of the creation account as told in Genesis.Lookup postal rates, area codes, tip tables, schedules,

Blitz Open Source Game Creation System  v.1.0

Our ambition in this project is to use Blitz to design a free 3D open source game creation system that is easy for the beginner and powerful enough for the advanced

Code-creation-kit  v.

The code-creation-kit can be used as code generator for any language, e.g. C++, C#, Java etc. The input of the kit's text compiler is modeled in table and template files. The kit is recommended to be used together with a spreadsheet

C3ms - Comic Creation CMS  v.alpha.20041205

Comic Creation CMS will be an integrated CMS/Groupware/Portal webapplication for creating Comics/Graphic Novels fit for web and electronic publishing. Ambitions also to create an generic XML file format for active multimedia content comics (and

GLICT - GL Interface Creation Toolkit  v.1.1

GLICT aims to creation of simple-to-implement set of classes to produce a functional widget-based GUI using OpenGL. Implementation is planned in that way so that no windowing system or method is

PHP Pdf creation  v.010

PHP Pdf creates pdf documents using PHP, without installing any modules. Comprises a base class which performs all the pdf creation, and an extension class (ezPdf) to allow simple document creation.

StarMap 2: Galactic Creation  v.b.005

This project is to create an RPG-creation/GM tool for creating, editing, and viewing a Sci-Fi RPG universe. Included features include galaxy, quadrant, sector, system, planet, moon, and world-level maps and notes.Based on the program 'StarMap'

Ip calculation and alias file creation  v.1.0

An html and javascript utility to assist in IPV4 and IPV6 network calculations, as well as alias file creation. This will assist you in adding ipv4/24 to one of your servers by creating a .bat or .pl file to add them all. Sure beats the manual way.

Fury Game Creation System  v.1.0

The Fury Game Creation System is a game development toolkit for the 32-bit Windows platform, designed to allow the creation of complex multimedia software and games with minimal unnecessary effort (i.e. reinventing the wheel.)

RPro RPG Creation Engine  v.1.0

RPro is (or will be) an easy-to-use RPG creation engine. It will feature many things including: Bitmaps, Windows, Characters, and more. It will only grow with input. RPro is set up like a wizard, and anybody can use it. Visual Basic programmers wanted!

The Army Creation Set  v.1.0

The Army Creation Set is designed to make it easy to create and edit army lists for miniature wargames such as Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, etc. Using TACS, there is no need to worry about points costs!

Photo Novilab - Image Gallery creation  v.b.0.5.1

A higly customizable image gallery creation program. It is intended to use with existing web sites and to be the most compatible it can be possible. You can manage multiple galleries and navigation buttons will be made.

Procedural Asset Creation System  v.1.0

Procedural Asset Creation System: A set of tools that enables developers to design and build content programatically. Primarily 2D and 3D art assets for computer games.

Eclipse Java Project Creation Customizer  v.0.0.3

This eclipse plugin and a "Project Creation Wizard" to create a Java Project with some customize predefine file and folder (just folder for version 0.0.1).

Automatic JUnit Creation Tool  v.1.26

Create your JUnit tests with this tool.

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